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Getting there: There is no public transport. You get to Daintree by 2 lane sealed road from the south.

Seeing Daintree: To see the best of Daintree you need to stay overnight. The experiences that made Daintree famous are the tours that take place at dawn and dusk.
Daintree tours range from Daintree rainforest experiences, wildlife experiences on the Daintree River and visits to the Great Barrier Reef with highly rated operators.
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Where is Daintree? The Daintree part of Queensland's World Heritage Wet Tropics stretches from Cape Tribulation in the north to Mossman in the south and is bisected by the Daintree River.

Travel Tips:
Book accommodation well ahead in the tourist season  (July to September) or you could miss out.
Accommodation south of the Daintree River has mains power and wireless reception.

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Daintree is digital with many attractions and accommodation houses using responsive websites which can be added to the reading lists of mobile devices. It is a good thing because mobile reception is patchy and almost non-existent north of the Daintree River (and around the crossroads to the ferry).
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