Professionally trained chefs tend to be found in the up-market resorts rather than public cafes. This page is dedicated to day visitors and up-market resorts are not included here because more and more they do not cater to lunch time visitors. 
To experience high end Daintree dining stay a night or two: best deals
Daintree Accommodation Deals


Croc Xpresso Cafe
5 Stewart Street Daintree Village
Phone 074096120 (formerly Rob's Pies)

Big Barra

BIG Barramundi Garden

Breakfast and lunch
Daintree Village Phone: 0740986186

Daintree Tea House
Barratt Creek Bridge
Phone: 0740986161

Crossroads Cafe
- Friday night fish and chips.
Paula's Bakehouse at other times.
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The Daintree area lends it's self to picnics and Bar-B-Q's with free electric Bar-B-Q's at Wonga Beach & Daintree Village.
Picnic places can be found throughout.

picnic lunch

Daintree Village Hotel
Daintree Village
Phone: 0740986146

Caltex Wonga Take Away
Mossman - Daintree Road, Wonga
Phone: 07409877616

North of the Daintree River.

Turtle Rock Cafe
Turtle Rock Cafe Licenced
Cape Tribulation
Phone: 0740980185

Daintree Flavours
Cow Bay Hotel
Phone: 074098901

Mason's Cafe and Take Away
Cape Tribulation
Phone: 0740980016