As a Daintree business owner you need to see this.....

Mobile friendly illustration diagram
An important part of Search Engine Optimisation is being mobile friendly.

Organic websites

In 2015 a competitive business website has 3 elements:
  1. Must be organic.
  2. Should be responsive, and
  3. Must load fast.
1. Organic Websites show up in search results for free after the paid for advertisements.
In other words once they are on the web they are free to be shown in the search results.
 Organic sites are optimised for Search Engine indexation so that they come up highly in the Search Engine Results.  One of the most important aspects for SEO in 2015 is that the mobile user must have a good experience using your website.
Basically if a website does not turn up on the first page of Google search results for a relative search term then the website is not optimised properly.
Search Engine Optimisation principles include fine tuning the text, adding topical excerpts, social media participation, mobile friendly design, legitimate hyper links and time in place.
An organic website is further enhanced by the skillful use of keywords and meta tags to help users find what they are looking for.

Responsive screens

2. Responsive websites.
The website shown on the screens above is the same website but it portrays differently because of the users' different screen size.
The whole site can still be seen on small screens by vertical scrolling on their touch screens.
That is a standard responsive website.

3. Load fast
What we have to do in Daintree is get these websites to load fast because of the poor wireless reception in the Douglas Shire.
That cannot be done with a standard responsive website.
We know how to do it.
SEO Example 1
15 Aug  Upload website
18 Aug  First in Google
Mobile Outboard Motor mechanic.

SEO Example 2
24 July  Briefing by client for Holiday Home website in Daintree.
25 July  Draft website goes on the internet.
26 July  First booking.....
Beachfront Holiday Home

That's right 3 days from our clients briefing to the first booking. How?
We made an organic website and followed standard search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques.

Your logo can become a Shortcut Icon and can be incorporated into the website to be displayed on the home screen of mobiles and tablets:

screenshot of icons
Home screen icons on mobiles

How convenient is that?


Your website can be used "offline".

In Daintree we do not have full mobile coverage and so this feature becomes important. The website will show even when you are not in wireless range. 

How convenient is that?

  HOW do you do that?
(Apple - adding to the Reading List allows for off-line browsing. For Android an app is needed.)

  screenshot of iPhone menu
iPhone/Pod/Pad Menu