Wonga Beach
Heading north on the Capt Cook Highway out of Cairns you first encounter Daintree at Rocky Point, the start of Wonga Beach. It is the first time that you see a beach since Yule Point which is well to the south of Port Douglas.

Wonga Signs

The highway conveniently does not disturb Wonga Beach residents as it runs well back from the beach further into the Daintree Valley. Marlin Drive, Oleander Drive, Wonga Beach Road and Vixie's Road are all on the right of the highway and lead towards the beach.

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Towing a caravan and looking for the caravan parks?
All turnoffs are to the right.
The first turn off is Marlin Drive, ignore it and ignore the next at the Caltex servo. 
The Wonga Beach Caravan Park turnoff  is 1.5 kms further along the highway and has a telecom tower at the corner. It is called Wonga Beach Road.
Pinnacle Village turnoff  is the next one 1 km further on at Vixies Road.
Daintree Riverview is straight on at Daintree Village another 15 kms.
Lync Haven, Rainforest Camp, PK's and Cape Tribulation Caravan Park are all on the north side and the ferry turn off is 9 kms from Caltex.