Daintree Tourism Information

Your holiday starts here with links to accommodation on both sides of the river.
Keys to Daintree      keys to Daintree

Getting there:
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There is no public transport to Daintree. You get to Daintree by 2 lane sealed road from the south (Port Douglas, Mossman or Cairns).
Some people visit Daintree on bus tours at just under $200 each person*.
Hire cars from Port Douglas or Cairns can be as low as $27 per day - (4 seats)
*By the time the earliest tour bus arrives in Daintree the dawn and early morning wildlife trips are finished and the best part of the day for wildlife is over.

Seeing Daintree by hire car:
No Longer Available

Car parking is free and there is lots of it. Hire cars are available in Port Douglas and Cairns.
(Car Hire is from as little as $27 per day.)

Consider staying overnight.
Dining options are better, wildlife viewing is better, photography is better, you have better access to the local tours and you can avoid the bus crowds and the queues at the ferry.

The road through Daintree is public and there are no fees to enter the National Park. To cross the Daintree River you need to use the ferry that will incur fees.
Welcome to Daintree

The 3 most popular things to do:

Visit the rainforest:
There are several free walks in the Daintree National Park and most of them have good interpretative signage.

Go on a river cruise: (1 or 2 hours)
River cruises start at dawn and run through until dusk from several parts of the Daintree River.

Boat sizes run from 60 seats to 4 seats.
Have a picnic:
There are many picnic spots in the Daintree from Wonga Beach to Cape Tribulation. Pick up supplies from Woolworths Mossman on the way.

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