Pioneered by Chris Dahlberg in 1992. Early morning boat tours put Daintree on the map for wildlife viewing. With 24 hours in a day to pick from, pick the best for wildlife viewing - Dawn. Go on the river before the wind pipes in and the bus load's of tourists come to town. The early morning calm enables you to hear for miles and if something moves even an un-trained eye will go to it. These early morning wildlife trips yield an average of 50 species.  Consistently reliable >
Visit two different snorkel destinations such as Mackay & Undine Reefs for extraordinary array of Marine life and coral species. On a clear day you can see the rainforest along the mainland beach whilst snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, home to an abundance of marine life as well as beautiful hard and soft corals. Ocean Safari from Cape Tribulation. Bookings >

There is significant botanical detail on this link written by Rupert Russell. Rupert provided the text for the Daintree Book and was one of the protesters during the 1984 blockade to try and stop the Daintree Road going through the Daintree National Park.  The Daintree Bird Walk is an early morning guided walk with the Birdman of Daintree for a small fee. Other walks: Port Douglas Daintree and Australian Short Walks which includes Daintree, Mossman and Port Douglas. Birdwatchers may find the Lovely Fairy-Wren on the walk. 
Go to qwe.com.au on your mobile phone. Add to your home screen. On qwe.com.au you will find a variety of things that you can use on your phone or tablet. Use the weather radar to see if there is any rain coming before you book your boat trip. Find a public toilet. Use the interactive regional map to see all the other tourist towns. qwe.com.au is easy to remember (first 3 letters on a keyboard), easy to use and it is free.

Travelling around Australia you have probably come across the "bigs" whether it is a big banana, big pineapple or a big prawn. 
Daintree has it's own, the Big Barramundi, in the main street.  Try some trick photography.
 006. PADDLETREK SEA KAYAKING Preview and reservations >
Sea Kayaking allows you to take in the natural beauty from a completely different perspective, seeing the amazing marine life, fringing coral reefs and the World Heritage listed Daintree National Park. Cape Tribulation Sea Kayaking Tours has morning and afternoon tours daily. The tour is designed with leisure and enjoyment in mind. We kayak with the wind behind us along the magnificent fringing reef. This 2 ½ hour tour is value at only $85.00 per person and $60.00 for children aged 12 and under. Transfers included. Bookings >

 007. HOP on a HORSE
Enjoy the breathtaking Cape Tribulation scenery as you meander your way through the oldest living rainforest in the world. Ride through crystal clear mountain streams, through paddocks and along riverbeds until you reach the spectacular Cape Tribulation Beach . One of the few places in the world where you can stroll along the beach and ride along the ocean edge on horseback, soaking up the atmosphere of the pristine beaches of Cape Tribulation. Bookings >
Daintree Village, being the only main centre for miles in the late 19th century, is steeped in history.  The Village was supplied by boats using the high spring tides to get them up the shallow river.  It wasn't long before there was a bridle path to Mossman and ultimately a road.  The oldest building still standing is the Timber Gallery in Stewart's Street which was built in 1925.  It is made from timber milled at where, stands today, the Daintree Riverview Lodge and Camp Ground.  An important part of the eco systems here are the termites which eat timber. It is quite amazing that these buildings are still standing. There are now some photosigns sprinkled around the Village.

Nature's rainbow, captured in Australian native timbers.  For over 30 years the Daintree Timber Gallery has sourced only the most unique timbers to create their globally acclaimed works of art and utility woodware.  The Timber Gallery is next to the Big Barramundi al fresco restaurant in Stewart Street.
 010. POST a PARCEL?
Like most country stores the Daintree General Store is also the Daintree Post Office.

The closest old growth rainforest walks to the village are on the north side of the river.  Experience the world's oldest rainforest by walking it.  Maps of the walks are on your phone (which can be added to the reading list on iPhones/iPods/iPads).
Rainforest walks >
 012. EYEBALL ELIZA's pottery gnomes
Next door to Daintree Originals is Liz Bright's studio, gallery and workshop.  Indulge your 'away with the fairies' fantasies by a walk through Liz & Ivan's delightful garden which leads the way to the studio.

 013. VISIT the VILLAGE in the VALLEY
Daintree Village (Pop >100) is 20 kms by sealed road, into the valley, from its entrance at Wonga Beach. Situated on the banks of the famous Daintree River, the Village is clean, green and picturesque.  The Daintree Village Jetty, is a short stroll downhill from the Daintree Hotel in the main street.
 014. BREAKFAST after the BIRDS
Opposite the Big Barra in Pioneers Park is a free electric Bar-B-Q which can be used at any time of the day. This also the start to the Stewart Creek Road birdwatching walk and the Daintree Village walk.
(The Village Restaurant is sometimes open for breakfast from 8.00am in the tourist season.)

 015. BUSHWHACK a BUSH-STONE CURLEW (one of two main viewing spots)
During the night often a distant wailing sound can be heard close to the Village.  It is the call of the nocturnal Bush-stone Curlew.  They sleep by day on the ground just back from the bank of the river downstream from the Jetty.  A stealthy walk from the lower carpark will let you see them and if you are quiet and don't go too close no harm will be done.
 016. PHONE a PAL
There are only 4 public telephones in the Daintree Valley south of the river.  One is in the Village outside the Daintree Store, another in the carpark at the ferry crossing, Wonga Beach Road near the intersection with Oasis Drive and one at Caltex Wonga Beach.  Mobile phones work in most parts of the Valley but reception is sparse north of the river.

 017. BIRDING with BINOCULARS daintree.info/daintreebirdwatching.html
Daintree Village is a good place for birdwatching.  One of the best walks can be done from the Village.  Start at the beginning of Stewart's Creek Road alongside Pioneers Park. This follows the river upstream and has very light traffic, be careful of it.  The road will take you along the cliff above the river and then down through some rainforest, across a creek, more rainforest and then out onto the grass covered floodplain and along to the Stewart's Creek bridge.  Not only look out for birds but listen for them as well, especially in the rainforest parts.
 018. OBSERVE an OSPREY (one of three nesting spots) Now called Eastern Osprey.
Ospreys are universal sea hawks and great symbols of conservation.  They are found in every continent, except Antarctica, and it was in the eggshell of Ospreys that DDT was first found.  Loosely translated this chemical was sprayed to kill insects which were then eaten by fish which were then eaten by Ospreys and the chemical then concentrated at the end of the food chain.  One noticeable symptom was the seriously weakened eggshell.  The same story with the Peregrine Falcon.  DDT was eventually banned because of this remarkable find.  Ospreys thrive in Australia.  There are 2, easy to find, nests. 
One is in the telecommunications tower near the entrance to the Village.  This nest was first built in 2001.

 019. SPY on a SWIFTLET
Imagine a little bird without feet and legs and behaves like a micro bat.  The White-rumped Swiftlet is only found in this corner of Australia and is one of the smallest swifts in the world.  It is often found near the main river lookout where they scoop the water surface taking a drink.  They have very stiff wings and glide a lot with their wings pointing below the horizontal.  Rarely alone they can be found by the side of the road also, going backwards and forwards over grass eating their insect prey.  At dusk they use echo-location to navigate their way into their dark night roost.
 020. LOOK from a LOOKOUT
There are some truly magnificent views to be had from lookouts over the river along the last 4 kms of the Daintree Road approaching the Village.  The two southernmost ones afford good looks from Humbug Reach and from the northernmost one you can see the mouth to Barratt Creek and the length of Windy Reach.

 021. CREEP up on a CROCODILE
On winter morning the sun shines on the northern bank of the river at Humbug Reach right opposite two of the lookouts about (021).  If the tide is lowish sandy patches emerge.  With those conditions, very often a crocodile can be viewed, by the naked eye, lying in the sun.  The clues are; winter (May to Aug), lowish tide, and sun.  During the last four winters crocodiles have also been seen, on the far side of the river, from the Daintree Jetty during the day.  And it is not unusual to see one at dawn or dusk swimming.
 022. JUNGLE SURFING Preview and Reservations >
At Cape Tribulation. Jungle Surfing Canopy Tours, zip-line flying fox provides an experience of a lifetime jungle surfing through majestic old growth rainforest, with spectacular views over the Daintree, Cape Tribulation National Park out to the Great Barrier Reef in Tropical North Queensland.
Go Jungle Surfing day tour from Cairns or Port Douglas Preview and Reservations >

Jungle Adventures Guided Night Walk Preview and reservations >

Jungle Surfing and Night Tour Combo Preview and reservations >

One of the most spectacular Daintree nature shows is from the Windy Reach lookout, in late Spring/early Summer, at dusk, if the Spectacled Flying-foxes have set up their maternity camp in Barratt Creek.  The flying-foxes at this time of year fan themselves for most of the day.  They become very dehydrated and right on dusk they fly down to the water in Windy Reach, just in front of the lookout, drink on the wing and then fly off into the sunset.  Crocodiles are more active at this time of the year and may lie in wait for the flying-foxes as they come down to drink.  Be early the twilight is quick, for times just check the time of twilight on the day before.

The Daintree gateway is to become a reality. Latest news: Gateway to Daintree responsive website

Our local mountain is Thornton's Peak and is only accessible on foot.  It is about 1500 metres high making it the third highest mountain in Queensland.  The taller two are not much higher  and are just to the south of Cairns.  Australian mountains are not high.  You cannot always see the top but you maybe fourtunate enough to be driving on a 'Thornton Peak Clear Day'.
Check out the dining page >

Of the many species of fish to be found in the Daintree River, Barramundi is probably the most sort after for tag and releases or eating.  Large Barramundi have been caught from the Daintree Village Jetty with the simplest of hand lines.  The Daintree Store and Caltex Service Station at Wonga Beach carry bait and tackle.
Daintree Village Wild Fishing Charters
The people that own Information Centres are often that busy in their centre that they might miss something interesting or a new product. They would be only too pleased to hear from you of any new and interesting activities that you discover whilst you are in the area.

Tucked away on the southern side of the Daintree River is Daintree Village Hideaway an intimate bed and breakfast next to the Daintree Village natural walk. More....
Most parts of the world have a wild goose.  Ours is the Magpie Goose that was once found almost anywhere in Australia.  These days it is only found in the north.  Sometimes at dawn or dusk you can find them flying in formation not far from the Crossroads Café.  To make sure of it however look in the billabong to the north of the ferry road.  They can hide in the long grass but sometimes they are seen in the trees.

 031. DAINTREE BIRD WALK Take an early morning guided bird walk around the various bird haunts of the Daintree Village with the Birdman of Daintree. Details >

 032. STAY IN A QUEENSLANDER built in 1930 and considered one of the 10 best B&B's in Australia. Red mill House is central to Daintree and popular with birdwatchers and those interested in nature and eco-tourism.
Preview facilities and booking >

Budget accommodation with fantastic views of the Daintree River.

The National Trail idea was conceived by R M Williams.  The trail runs between Cooktown and Melbourne and can be traversed on foot, trail bike, by horse or by donkey.  Daintree is in the northern section.  The very few that traverse it travel over Dagmar Range near Daintree Valley Haven, following the powerline to Stewart's Creek road and come into the Village.  The way continuing north is basically the Upper Daintree Road to the CREB track which partly circumnavigates Thornton's Peak and comes down to the  Bloomfield River near Wujal Wujal Mission.
One of the common birds to be found in the open areas that you may be walking in is the Masked Lapwing.  It is a large plover that breeds all year round and nests on the open ground.  It's defence of the nest is to fly out of the sun and dive bomb anything that comes close.  The catch is, the bird has a spur in it's wing that sticks out like a cannon on the wing of a jet fighter.

 036. LYNC HAVEN Rainforest Retreat  & Camping. Motel rooms, Powered camping and unpowered camping. Offering you privacy and individual sites set under this magnificent rainforest, you are able to experience first hand living in this World Heritage area. The amenities building has hot showers and offers full amenities along with a well equipped laundry. An under cover camp kitchen with gas BBQ, hot plates, washing facilities, cooking utensils etc, along with 4 wood fire places/BBQ's are complimentary for guests. Preview options and book >
Crocodyllus is hidden under a tall stand of some of the last remaining lowland rainforest on the Queensland tropical coast. The comfortable safari style huts are built up off the ground and spaced out amongst the dense tropical rainforest. From the comfort of your hut you can feel part of the rainforest, listening to and watching the wildlife of the forest.  Accommodation >

Guided rainforest Night Walk and Daintree Jungle Archery.

 038. RAINFOREST HIDEAWAY (Cape Tribulation) Accommodation >
Daintree Rainforest Hideaway is a very special place at Cape tribulation.
Cape Tribulation Rainforest Hideaway offers unique B&B accommodation in an owner-built, solar-powered house with handcrafted timber furniture, tap water from a mountain stream and no mobile phone reception so you can truly escape.
This accommodation is well located within walking distance of Cape Tribulation "town" centre, breathtaking beaches, National Park boardwalk, restaurants, bar and shop. And surprisingly, the nights are mosquito-free!! All bookings include a healthy buffet style breakfast centred around local exotic fruits, on the back verandah looking out into the rainforest.
Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa is located in the middle of the Daintree National Park Rainforest. This luxurious hotel has an award-winning spa and the restaurant overlooks the freshwater lagoon.
Each of the 15 secluded, raised villas has a fully screened balcony with stunning views of the rainforest surroundings. All offer air conditioning, a mini bar, robes, slippers and luxurious body products. Free WiFi access is available in the main communal areas.
Guests can learn about Aboriginal culture at the Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa Aboriginal Art Gallery. The Wellness Spa offers a range of treatments from massages to facials.
Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa also offers an airport shuttle service and there is free parking available onsite.
Bookings >

 040. Epiphyte B & B offers accommodation with a private balcony or patio, just 5 minutes’ drive from the beaches of Cow Bay. All accommodation offers outdoor furniture, a fan and an en suite bathroom. Some accommodation has cooking facilities. There is an open-plan communal kitchen and dining area accessible to all guests for light snacks and tea/coffee.
Relax in the guest lounge, which offers a book library, board games and comfortable sofas. The tour desk books guided walks, kayaking, reef diving, snorkelling and river cruises.
Your included breakfast consists of a large fruit platter, a range of cereals, toast and homemade jams. It can be enjoyed in-room or on the communal balcony while taking in the stunning views.
This property is also rated for the best value in Cape Tribulation! Guests are getting more for their money when compared to other properties in Daintree.
Bookings >
 041. THORNTON BEACH HOUSE & BUNGALOWS (Mobile reception)
Our spacious, fully screened, open style home is primarily glass louvers to make the most of the views of the Coral Sea and surrounding rainforest. With tiles throughout, it gives the house a cool, spacious feel and was designed to make the most of the sea breeze. Relax on the verandah listening to the sounds of the ocean and watching the world go by. Beach House Booking >
Bungalows booking >

 042. Blank

From your patio or garden spend hours observing the life of the jungle. Marvel at the variety of vegetation, the huge size of the leaves and the great variety of rainforest fruits. Watch the wildlife for whom the rainforest is home.
Bookings >
Cow Bay Homestay seems to do its own magic on visitors. We have been WWOOF ing hosts for over 10 years with interesting helpers to assist us with our projects and exchange stories. The Bed & Breakfast guests have been from varies continents, countries and backgrounds. It is the recurrent note in the guest books how quite it is here, how relaxing and peaceful, how one can hear the wind, the ocean or the creek.
Bookings >

Escape to a different way of life with solar generated power and rain fed water supply. Explore the forest and bathe in the private creek which meanders through the cottage grounds. The Muse has mature tropical gardens, a fenced yard and is a short walk to beautiful Cow Bay beach, leading out to the Great Barrier Reef.
Bookings >
 046. SAIL a SLOOP
This is one of the keys to The Keys to Port Douglas, a mobile phone web app for visitors to Port Douglas.  Port Douglas, 45 minutes drive from Daintree, has a Sailing Club and a Yacht Club Phone 4099 4386.  They run WAGS (Wednesday afternoon gentlemen's sailing) where you can join the crew of an ocean racing boat for a few hours and go sailing with them.  The Keys to Port Douglas on your mobile

Small shop available for rent. Contact Big Barra in Stewart Street.
Mossman Lions Club 4098 2080.

Daintree river Boat Hire, at the Public Pontoon on the south side of the river and just upstream from the ferry.  $80 for 4 hours or $140 for 8 hours.  Phone 07 4098 7784  Bruce & Kathy Lester.

WONGA BEACH When you first drive into the Daintree Valley at Rocky Point you see the Coral Sea.  The beach that goes from here to the Daintree River mouth is called Wonga Beach.  The beach and most of the land just behind it is public and visitors are welcome.  Do not swim in the sea during the summer/autumn months of Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr and May without a stinger suit.  Marine 'stingers' may be present.  The Box jelly-fish that is here during those months has been known to kill.  Check with the locals.  See also Marine Stinger advice.

Wonga Beach is littered with treasures.  You never know what you will find next.  I have found coconuts with messages from other beachcombers.  Flotsam of all kinds are found on the beach.  Dianne Cilento once declared Wonga as her favourite beach. Well written article about the beach >

 051. LOOK for LIFU
There are some early 20th century graves near here (see 052).  Two children's graves are marked by a large rock with brass plaques near the Bar-B-Q.  Along the public reserve behind number 33 Marlin Drive, access is via a public walkway between # 35 and # 37 Marlin Drive across from Lifu Close, lies Charley Lifu's grave.  Charley was a hero.  The inscription on the headstone is still clear and worth reading.
At the Daintree Road end of the beach is the Wonga Community Park.  It has toilets, shelter sheds, BMX track, playground, cold water tap and an undercover free electric Bar-B-Q.  See 056 for BBQ supplies.

 053. SEEK out a SEED
The prevailing winds are the south-east trade winds and the Daintree River mouth and this north-west corner of Trinity Bay are a natural funnel for mangrove seeds from out of the Pacific Ocean.  Almost all mangrove seeds/pods are big and float.  The array of shapes is fantastic.  The Cannonball Mangrove is nature's Rubik's Sphere.  Once the outer skin has gone there are 16 parts when together form a sphere but when apart are irregular except for one side which is curved.  Matchbox Bean and Keelpod seeds are some of the other big common ones.
 054. PICK up a PUMICE
The only stone that floats.  In 1985 there was a volcanic eruption under the Coral Sea that cascaded huge amounts of pumice onto the sea's surface.  The trade winds deposited it along Queensland's north-eastern coast where it can still be found above the high tide mark along Wonga Beach.

 055. FILL up with FUEL.  CALTEX WONGA BEACH (and Banking with a limited ATM)
The Caltex service Station on the Captain Cook Highway at Wonga Beach just after you drive into the Daintree Valley is the only car fuel outlet for the Daintree Valley.  It also carries gas for campers and is the local shop with a good variety of grocery supplies for the self catering holiday maker.  There are some takeaway/out options and clean toilets.  Shower facilities available for small cost.  They sell stamps and there is a post-box and public phone.  Open 5.30am to 7.30pm.  If you are driving to the dawn trip in Daintree this is a good spot to pick up some supplies for a bar-b-q breakfast after the tour.
During our winter, on the spring tides, there are very low afternoon tides and the coastal reef is exposed for a short while.  The reef does not look as spectacular as the outer Great Barrier Reef but is much more robust and can tolerate the more turbid conditions experienced during the winter south-east trade winds.
Try an informative guided walk in Port Douglas which will include Daintree:
Walk Port Douglas >
 058. BLANK

 059. WORK the WEB Wirelessly
There is wireless coverage in most areas south of the Daintree River with Telstra, Optus and Dodo.
Moderate to strong wind in the form of south-east trade winds are present for about 200 days a year.  Statistically there are two cyclones that form out in the Coral Sea and travel down the coast causing very strong winfs out to sea.  Sea birds like Frigatebirds come into the coast and the bigger rivers like the Daintree.  There could be worse things happen than being a happy beachcomber with their feet up at Wonga Community Park and counting frigatebirds on a rotten weather day.

 061. CAMP on the COAST
On Wonga Beach Esplanade is one of the last of few remaining council owned caravan park and camping grounds.  Disappearing from some of the best locations are old caravan parks.  Unfortunately beach front land has become so valuable that large corporations are the only entities that can afford to buy it and to do that it needs to turn it into a resort. Some shareholders may have a different story to tell.  Hopefully this park is here to stay.  It is basic but has a clean toilet and shower block and a sheltered camper's kitchen.  It is situated right on the beach.  Wonga Beach Caravan Park.
Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa
Phone: 07 4098 6110