Be aware of crocodiles. Simply do not go near the water. Go with a guide >
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Many options north and south of the Daintree River from camping grounds to luxury resorts.

+ 101 THINGS TO DO (mostly free)
First written over 15 years ago and now available in Android App or on the web for offline reading. 101 is worth looking at to get a feel for the place.

Dining options are not what you expect. If you are serious about dining give this page a good going over. Daintree Dining...

+ WALKS south of the river (mostly free)
Mossman Gorge, Daintree Village Walk and Wonga Beach Walk. More....

+ WALKS north of the river (free)
See walks....

Since becoming pensioners ourselves we soon became aware that you can make your money go further, in fact it is like a new sport. A day out for the cost of a picnic lunch and some petrol can become just as good an experience as going on a $185 pp day tour. More...

Welcome to Daintree

5 most popular things to do:

Visit the Great Barrier Reef
From Cape Tribulation with Ocean Safari. Preview options and check availability...
Go Jungle Surfing
At Cape Tribulation Preview options and check availability...

Daintree River Dawn Cruise
At Daintree Village. This type of tour is what made Daintree famous for seeing wildlife and a tour style that has been copied around the world. Afternoon dusk cruise an option. Preview and check availability

Go Croc spotting with Croc Cam
At the ferry precinct. Cruise the Daintree River spotting wildlife on a quiet, clean electric boat the Solar Whisper. Second only to the dawn and dusk tours at the Daintree Village.
"We have a 99% success rate for spotting crocodiles, excellent bird watching opportunities and other wildlife possibilities such as snakes, frogs and fish."
Preview and check availability